Palm Beach Schools Closed on Tuesday

Looks like Isaac did enough damage that Palm Beach schools will be closed tomorrow too.

As we pointed out earlier, the Palm Beach County School Board was all, "School's open on Monday, everybody!" all the way up til 1 this morning before it realized Isaac went all Daniel-Day Lewis on that guy with a bowling pin at the end of There Will Be Blood (spoiler alert!) and ruined a lot of people's day.

As of this morning, school was to resume tomorrow. But after surveying the damage -- mostly flooding from all the damned rain -- the School Board has announced that schools will be closed in Palm Beach County on Tuesday.

There have been some reports of water damage at some schools, particularly in the Acreage, Wellington, and the Glades communities.

"We do have schools right now we can't get in and out of," Superintendent Wayne Gent told the Palm Beach Post this afternoon. "We'll get back to normal here in a couple of days."

Expect to see more updates tomorrow on the severity of the damage and whether specific schools will remain closed. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

For now, parents have plenty of time to arrange childcare and babysitters, unlike when they woke up this morning and found out they had to scramble to figure it out. Kids have plenty of time to keep putting off that Social Studies homework and play some World of Warcraft! Hell yeeaahh!

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