Palm Beach State Attorney to Get Neo-Nazi Stabbing Case Next Week

Manalapan Police Chief Clay Walker says his investigators are wrapping up their case against the two men involved in the knife fight Monday night at the Ritz Carlton, where Nazi historian David Irving was giving a speech. He expects to deliver investigative findings to the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office on Monday.

"We did not make arrests that night," says Walker, "because there wasn't enough information." Also, both combatants had to be treated for wounds. According to police, they are Christopher Nachtman, 31, and John Kopko, 43.

The last few days, police have been able to interview witnesses, but Walker declined to offer any clues what his investigators have learned. "The State Attorney's Office considers it an open investigation," he says.

After the jump, what we've recently learned.

WPTV spoke to Irving. The author told the station:

"I'm ashamed that members in my audience acted this way," Irving said. "I have banned them from ever coming to my lectures again."

In the interview, Irving also denies being a Holocaust denier, as alleged by the Anti-Defamation League.

Yesterday on Juice, Lisa Rab consulted the Southern Poverty Law Center, which claims that Kopko and Nachtman are members of rival neo-Nazi groups who have apparently had other clashes in Central Florida.

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