Palm Beach Woman Accused of Sex With Minor Says Boy Seduced Her With Beer

A 41-year-old West Palm Beach woman is accused of sending a boy nude photos of herself, giving him beer at a party, and having sex with him multiple times.

The woman admitted to Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies that the two did have sex, but that it was because the boy had seduced her when she was drunk.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies arrested her on Wednesday.

Lisa A. O'Neill, of suburban West Palm Beach, is now facing charges of transmitting harmful information to minors and unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Detectives interviewed the boy, who initially called cops to report his relationship with O'Neill.

The boy, whose name and age have been redacted in the police report, says the two began their sexual relationship in June of last year when O'Neill began sending him texts about "sexual stuff."

A couple of months later, O'Neill hosted a party at her place and invited the boy. There she gave him several Bud Lights, according to the boy. Later that evening, when he went home, O'Neill texted him and invited the boy back over.

According to the report, the two had sex that night.

Thus began a months-long relationship where O'Neill sent the boys naked photos and videos of herself, at his request. Police later found the photos in the boy's phone.

O'Neill and the boy had sex a few times more, including in the parking lot of a Toys R Us.

According to the arrest report, O'Neill told the boy that "she could get in a lot of trouble" if anyone found out about their relationship.

O'Neill admitted to the relationship, and to sending the boy the photos, but only because, she claims, he seduced her when she was drunk.

Following her arrest, O'Neill was released from the jail Thursday after posting $37,000 bond, jail records show.

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