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Palm Beach Zoo is Shipping Off Popular Tigers to Jacksonville

Bummer news coming out of the the Palm Beach Zoo. Popular tigers Jaya, Bunga and Penari are moved to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens starting next week.

The tigers are expected to be shipped away on Monday.

::Sad Panda Face::

The three tigers, all young males, are needed for breeding. So they're going away to meet some lovely lady tigers and hopefully knock them up.

So while it'll be sad to see them go, know it's for a greater purpose.

There are less than 500 Malayan tigers remaining in the wild, and the Palm Beach Zoo and Jacksonville Zoo are working to together to help change that.

Jaya, Bunga and Penari will be used to breed in captivity and get the Malayan tiger population to stick around.

"Although people will go, 'oh, oh this is so sad that they're leaving,' You have to figure they're in here in captivity to help their population. They're not ours. We're just helping to sustain them in captivity," said Nancy Nill with the Palm Beach Zoo.

The tigers will be on display at Palm Beach Zoo one last time through the weekend.

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