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Palm Beach's Limbaugh to Head Failed GOP Party; Pride Fest Teases Right Wing

The White House has anointed Palm Beach resident Rush Limbaugh as head of the failed political organization called the Republican Party, which is now made up of abortion protesters, religious zealots, and aging prison guards from Auschwitz.

The administration's knighthood of Limbaugh came after he said he hopes President Obama will fail, which is as un-American as enjoying news clips from 9/11 or cheering for Capt. Drago in Rocky IV. But Limbaugh is a hometown boy, so as an official member of the Drive-By Liberal Elite Media, I'm here to say, good for you, Rush.

It's refreshing to hear that the new head of the Republican Party, a man who hails from right here in South Florida, isn't afraid to express his anti-American views and then defend them live on the radio,

as if what he was saying would not label him a fruit loop. There was a time in this country, like two months ago, to be exact, where such language might cause the president to declare you an enemy combatant and strap you to a Gitmo waterboard.

But now, your hate for America has landed you on the top of a political party. So feel free, Rush, to continue laughing it up at the next Auschwitz movie.

After the jump, Fort Lauderdale Pride Fest is expected to be bigger than ever, while Rush Limbaugh still waits for his invitation.

Limbaugh's Party Turned On by Pride Fest Expansion

Even with our economy in the crapper, Fort Lauderdale's Pride Fest 2009 is expected to be bigger than ever this year. With a theme of "Destination Pride," this year's event is sure to increase the feeling by Rush Limbaugh and his Republican Party that it's OK to hate the gays and their president, especially if they turn you on.

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