PalmCon Response: Why Would Nerds Cyberbully Little Old Me?

I'm writing this blog post in response to the overwhelming outcry in comments, podcasts, and cyberweirdness that I received regarding yesterday's "PalmCon Probably the Most Depressing Comic Book Convention in History."

People like Jacob A. Hautner had this to say in an email: "the author and probably the editors should resign because clearly they have no idea what they are doing."

Well, Jacob, you've won. Indeed, I made a mistake in airing my observations about the low turnout and general lack of fun at this year's PalmCon. It gives me great pain to report this, but due to pressure from angered readers like you, I am being forced to leave my post.

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LOL. Kidding! That would be absurd, nerds.

Would you not agree that writing that I liked the event would be more offensive than writing that I found it lackluster? Watchmen is literature, as is The Killing Joke. My comment in the original post -- that I found comics "ew" -- was meant as sarcasm. I own enough action figures as a 24-year-old woman to embarrass the hell out of my mother. Most important, I live to see people fly their freak flags as high as they possibly can.

However, there simply wasn't enough merchandise and entertainment available at PalmCon to justify the ticket cost, even if it was less than ten bucks. No one asked me to attend the event -- I went there because I wanted to check it out. As soon as I stepped into the convention center, I resented the fact that I had forked over my cash (on top of gas money and parking) for admission to a garage sale. Palm Beach County's comics enthusiasts deserve better.

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Anyway, the comments rolled in last night and this morning. They attacked my appearance, my name, and my credentials as a writer. Also, this: "I promise you, her picture will be circulated around Florida comicons from now on." What sorcery is this?

Anyway: Here some of my favorite responses to the original blog post:

Finally, the award for Only Sane Person goes to:

Egads, Batman!

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