Palmetto Shutdown, Dolphin Sale, Liberty City Six

Back from out of town and saw that Stuck on the Palmetto closed shop Sunday night. My initial reaction was disappointment. But just in case you're confused, I didn't kill that blog, Rick did. His overreaction speaks volumes. Not only did Rick spike the blog over a vague comment, he basically blotted out all evidence that it ever existed.

Also, heard that Huizenga is thinking of selling the Dolphins and the guys from the Related Group want to buy it. My feeling is that nobody can do any worse than old Hizzy. The guy has no feel for football, as evidenced most clearly by his hanging onto clodhopper Dave Wannstedt for way too many years. Note to owner (whether it be Hizzy or otherwise): Get rid of Cam Cameron. He's a very nice fellow, but not head coach material. His forte is supposedly quarterbacks and he gives us Trent Green and John Beck? That's just pathetic. As I said before Hizzy hired Cameron, you need to go to Gainesville and bring Urban Meyer to Miami. Ah, to hell with that actually. Bring in Cowher. He'll stabilize the program at the least and possibly bring it to greatness.

To the multitudes of Pulp readers in Los Angeles, I'm gonna be on the radio there this morning talking about the Liberty City Six (they lost one in the first trial). It's gonna be on Pacifica radio (90.7 on your FM dial) and mostly about this.

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Bob Norman
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