Panning for Gold: North Florida Man Learns to Be Modest in Sharing Nude Teen Photos

Time for our all-too-sporatic Juice feature in which we South Floridians attempt to learn from the mistakes of our friends on the opposite side of the Peninsula. Today's lesson comes to us from Thomas Jonafin Davis. (Wild guess: Dad was named Jonathan and is a huge Dolphins fan? I have no other theories on that middle name.)

Davis, it seems, had by age 30 accumulated a collection of nude teen photos that was the envy of Okaloosa County. Or at least it should have been, by Davis' reckoning. The holidays being a time for generosity, the Crestview man was inclined to share his collection -- with clothed teens.

The Northwest Daily News reports

in this article yesterday, Davis encountered a teen couple at a local McDonald's, during which he betrayed his attraction to the girl. The paper writes:

The boy "advised Davis she was only 15 and to stop hitting on her," the report states.

But Davis apparently perceived this as a challenge of his expertise in the field of nude teens.

The boy told an officer that Davis then said he had sex with a 14-year-old girl and proceeded to show the boy and one of the girls the boy was with a photo on his cell phone of a female's private parts, the report continues.

Police were summoned.

The officer viewed the photo, handed the phone back to Davis and called his supervisor, according to the report. Davis deleted the photo on his cell phone before the supervisor arrived.

This, of course, sounds like a rather crude, short-lived effort at cover up. Predictably, police headed to Davis' home, where, predictably, they found some pornographic teeny-bopping movies.

Also, in his home, officers found pictures of juvenile girls stapled to the inside of his front door.

What? You think Mr. Davis would put them on the outside of his front door? That would be stupid!

Still this day is not going well for our hero. Now that his secret stash has been discovered, he'll have to rely on his charm to convince cops not to arrest him. How'd that go?

When asked about the identity of the girls in the pictures, "Davis stated they were daughters of Crestview Police Department officers and Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies," the report states.

Judging by Thomas Johnafin's current status as ward of Okaloosa County, the officers did not take this as a compliment toward their daughters.

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