Panning for Gold: Retired Stripper Saves Last Dance for Police

In this week's installment of Panning for Gold, we'll return to Fort Walton Beach to check in on Susan "Mimi" Brown, a 55-year-old woman who was an exotic dancer, at least as recently as the Reagan administration. The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that Okaloosa County Sheriffs deputies responded to a report that Brown had been hurling beer bottles at a car. From the article:

When the deputy arrived at the residence, Brown, 55, ran into the house. The deputy went inside and found Brown pretending to be asleep in bed, the report said.

And how do we know Mimi was "pretending"? Sounds like there was lots of excitement there -- maybe she's narcoleptic?

The deputies asked the woman to step outside, and while on the porch Brown began to yell and wrapped her arms and legs around the porch column, said the report.

Though unemployed now, Brown listed her previous occupation as dancer at a number of local gentlemen's clubs.

There you have it: another endorsement for the long-term muscle-building benefits of the pole-dancing workout. Brown's daughter was also arrested for wrestling with cops.

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