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Papa John's Employees Butt-Dial Customer, Leave Racist Message on Voicemail

Two Sanford Papa John employees didn't appreciate the tip they got from a customer.

So, they butt-dialed the customer and sang a song filled with racial slurs into his voicemail.

Unfortunately for them, however, the customer knows how to use the YouTube, and was able to post the message on there.

The incident caught the attention of Papa John's Pizza Chairman and CEO John Schnatter, which means this story did not end well for the racist ass-dialers.

In the video, the customer shows the pizza box receipt for $15.26, which includes a delivery charge.

In the video, the customer says he gave a 21 percent tip. The video also displays the man's cell phone, where miss calls are shown -- including a call from the Papa John's delivery person.

The voicemail then plays, and you can hear the two men complaining about a bad tip, and then busting out into a song where they repeat a racial slur.

The song is in the tune of The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. Cultured racists!

Ole Papa John himself caught wind of the video and posted an apology on the Papa John's Facebook on behalf of the company.

That's right. Papa Johns had the two employees killed!

Just kidding.

He actually just had them fired.

Let this be a lesson for the kids out there.

Stay in school so you can get into a good college and not have to make a living delivering pizzas.

Also, don't ass-dial people and say dumb racist things.

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