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Paris Hilton Went to Cuba and Had a Lovely Time

Paris Hilton, the princess of crass capitalism visited Havana, the center of sinking socialism, in what is surely a sign that new policies between the U.S. and Cuba will tremendously benefit citizens of the Caribbean nation.

The 34-year-old heiress of Hilton hotel wealth, posted photos to her Instagram of herself enjoying a beautiful day in Havana and he seemed to be enjoying herself.

"There's some beautiful architecture here in Cuba," she posted, along with a photo of Havana's Teatro Nacional and an "OK hand sign" emoji.

Hilton also posted a photo of herself with the colorful bear statues that are meant to symbolize tolerance.

As the Havana Times pointed out, Paris' father, Conrad, used to own a hotel on the island. But once Castro came to power, he moved into the Havana Hilton for a few months in 1959 and renamed "Habana Libre".

Hilton isn't the first celebrity to travel to Cuba since the new, slightly relaxed travel policies were put into effect in January. Comedian and talk show host Conan O'Brien recently made the trip and filmed an hour-long episode that is set to air in March.

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Despite the new policies, Americans are still forbidden to travel to Cuba for tourism purposes. One must meet the requirements of one of twelve categories to travel to the island. These include religious, educational, and journalistic purposes. The least specific category is "to support the Cuban people."

It's possible Hilton traveled to Cuba to support the Cuban people, but it's not clear exactly how any Cubans were "supported," other than from tourism dollars. But that's better than showing support for the Cuban people by performing one of her latest songs:

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