Party at the Mayor's Campaign Bungalow!

the ol' campaign chest can bring home a lot of vino, after all). It's only fair -- people spent the money trying to influence our government, after all. We should get a piece.

But this isn't all fun. Keechl is defining himself for voters. So remember, the mayor is "environmentally sensitive" (I hear he gets the hayfever really bad around the start of the season), "business friendly" (especially if said business is friendly with his campaign, if you know what I mean), and "fiscally conservative" (while he's socially... well, you know).

About time hizzoner put that campaign office -- or "profit pad," as some call it -- to use. Let's see, Keechl is using his tiny office building for an actual campaign purpose and might be unloading some of that eyebrow-raising wine there? Who is this party really for, Ken? Campaign workers, Pulp readers, or as a show for any potential state investigators? 

-- On Saturday, I got two communiques from readers, one an email and one some Yahoo instant message thing I don't quite understand, about an alleged scourge on the blog: the "Church Lady ICW," or the "ICW witch."  

Here's what the email said:

Dear Bob,
I wrote to you once before about the horrible poser on your Blog. I experience a lot of pleasure reading your blog and very much enjoy the comments . I enjoy posting as well. Can you make a statement or comment directed to the"Church Lady ICW"? She is turning off all the valuable people that make your space so wonderful. If you could block her that would be even better. I know you are against censoring comments but this  is  way beyond acceptable. Thank you for reading this and if  there's anything you can do to stop her hateful insanity it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, again
P. S. I'm really sorry I have to bother you with this nonsense but I'm not alone in feeling this way.

The other complainant sounded even more heated and desperate about the situation, but I can't reproduce it for technological reasons. I'm going to admit right here and now that Church Lady ICW, whatever that is, has pretty much eluded me. I'm never sure where CLICW is and sometimes wonder if it even exists. It poses as other bloggers or other bloggers pose as it, I'm not sure. For me, it's like the Blair Witch of the blog; I look, but all I come up with are some sticks and stones. Others, however, seem very keen on it and can sniff it out in a heartbeat.

It's time for a good old-fashioned witch hunt. If there is a CLICW sighting, please bring it to my attention and mark the time of the comment. I'll check it out and, if it's posing as legitimate commenters, I'll expunge them.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.