Party Like A Rock Star -- With A Rock Star -- in West Palm

Yes, it has been a whole entire year since Feelgood's opened on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach and bar owner/Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil came to town to hold a free concert in the street. 

Whattaya say, Vince? Do it again?

Party Like A Rock Star -- With A Rock Star -- in West Palm

All right! Neil's partner in the venture, Cleve Mash, who also co-owns clubs Monarchy and Lost Weekend, told New Times that they are planning another free street bash on Saturday, January 24th, to mark Feelgoods' one-year anniversary. "Not to take credit for the rebirth of downtown," said Mash, who kinda just did "but we've been described as the catalyst to reinvent Clematis Street. We opened, and all of a sudden there was this boom -- Monarchy, Lost Weekends, Rocco's Tacos, Clematis Social, and a bunch of new restaurants that are in the works."

Since Mash's businesses have provided jobs (a few bartenders are former realtors) and drawn crowds downtown to spend money, Mayor Lois Frankel, once a foe of clubland, has become basically a BFF.  "The city has been absolutely open-arms inviting. Nothing but positive," Mash said. "I think they get it now." 

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