Pastor Reports Mass Migrations Out of Port-au-Prince

With a full container of vitamin- and mineral-enriched meals now on its way to Haiti, Living Water Ministries has turned its attention to collecting supplies to ship over to the island as soon as possible. According to Living Water founder Fred Chalker, who oversees the Lake Worth-based charity, volunteers will be accepting everything from tents and tarps to pots and pans to motorcycles, jack knives, cloth diapers, and Crocs.

Chalker says the charity is accepting food items including rice, beans, peanut butter, canned food with pull tabs, powdered baby formula, and bottled water.

Chalker receives regular news updates from Pastor Etienne, who oversees the education and food distribution programs for Living Water in the northwest section of Haiti, where the charity has set up medical clinics and schools.

The pastor reports that most of the people who are still alive in Port-au-Prince have been rescued and that hundreds of thousands of people are leaving Port-au-Prince for the countryside. According to Etienne, looters have been reported stopping trucks headed for the Northwest and stealing their contents. He also reports hundreds of thousands of people living on the open streets and tens of thousands dead under the rubble. The worst that could happen now, the pastor says, is for Haiti to experience heavy rains, since the water would spread disease. The expectation is now that the crisis will last for many months.

To donate food and necessities through Living Water Ministries, email Jbrandonvl@aol.com. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.