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Patrick Morgan, Fort Lauderdale Airport Cleaner, Finds and Turns in a Lost iPad and $13,000



College professors spewing out conspiracy theories.

People masturbating in coffee shops.

There just aren't ever enough good things to report 'round here.


Patrick Morgan, a Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport cleaner, stumbled upon $13,000 in cash and an iPad left behind by an absentminded passenger.

But, instead of doing what most of us would do -- i.e. keep that shit --, he decided to turn in the lost merchandise and cash to airport authorities.

Morgan, 50, was cleaning up the airport during his shift on December 19, when he noticed the tablet computer and cash inside a case sitting on a bench beside an airport tiki bar.

He collected the items and immediately turned them in. But, as he was handing over the case, he noticed a nervous-looking passenger searching around the bar in a panic.

"Don't worry. It's OK. We have it,'" Morgan said to the man.

The thankful passenger, who was apparently heading home after a lucrative trip to Vegas, gave Morgan $60 for finding his stuff.

(Sixty bucks for $13,000 and an iPad you literally no longer had just a minutes ago? Really, guy?)

Morgan accepted the money reluctantly. Not because it wasn't enough, but because he didn't want to be rewarded for doing his job.

But he did take the money.

And then, he gave $40 of it to a homeless woman who needed a bus pass, and gave the remaining $20 to a co-worker who needed money.

"Homeless people come all the time, and I always look out for them," Morgan said.

But, in a cool ending to the story, the Broward County Aviation Department and his employers, Sunshine Cleaning Systems, rewarded Morgan with an extra week's pay this past Wednesday.

Morgan accepted the reward. But he says he'll use the extra cash to help the homeless woman again.

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