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Patrick Murphy on the Credit Downgrade and Keeping Tea Bags Out of Coffee Mugs

Patrick Murphy, who is vying for the spot to challenge Rep. Allen West for his seat in 2012, is keeping up with the game in Washington, D.C.

This week, he says he's "disturbed" by the country's lowered credit rating, calling it "unacceptable," and he's also unveiled a new coffee mug for the campaign trail -- which comes with a hitch.

We're not sure whether West is misinformed or uninformed about the state of the economy -- although he's still passing off fiction as fact when it comes to things like TARP -- but as a CPA, Murphy says it doesn't take someone with his credentials to figure out how to manage the nation's economy.


Here's what Murphy has to say about the partisan bickering and the failure to competently manage the country's debt:

I realize there are more lawyers in Congress than people with my background as a CPA  - but let's face it, you don't need an accounting degree to figure out that to rein in a 14 trillion dollar debt, we need to cut waste AND raise revenues. The utter failure of last week's supposed deal is that it did little of the former and none of the latter.  We can thank extreme partisanship and right wing kowtowing to Tea Party orthodoxy for giving us this unacceptable result. I hope this action by S&P will serve as the final wake up call to Congress to stop the games and pandering to their political bases and start putting the nation's fiscal house in order.

Now let's get to the shiny stuff -- Murphy's anti-Tea Party coffee mug.

It's probably not his intention to offend tea drinkers, but Murphy's new coffee mug has some attitude: "Keep your tea bags out of this cup!"

The other side reads, "Keep the Tea Party out of Congress!" and obtaining one comes with a bit of a hitch -- you can get only one if you donate $10 or more to his campaign.

Whether you agree with the political message is up to you, but we concede there's a good deal of hilarity in the idea.

Murphy has been a constant critic of West since announcing his candidacy but still would have to find a way to defeat former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel for a spot on the Democratic ticket for a chance to challenge West in 2012.

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