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Patte Atkins-Grad Will Resign, but Only if She Gets Paid First

It looks like the Patte Atkins-Grad recall election won't be necessary after all, because "Positively Patte" handed in her resignation to City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Of course, that comes with a catch.

Namely, that Atkins-Grad wants to be reimbursed her $8,000 in legal fees. Or else, no dice on the whole resignation thing.

Adkins-Grad's recall election is supposed to be held October 15. But the City Commission will meet Thursday night to vote on whether to agree to her stipulations.

Atkins-Grad, acquitted of corruption charges last year, became the focus of a committee that charged itself with ousting her from office.

Positively Patte was acquitted on charges of bribery, official misconduct, receiving unlawful compensation, and conspiring to commit unlawful compensation in December after she threw herself a big ol' victory party hoedown that many saw as quite shady.

But a recall committee's door-to-door campaign got underway. The group made two separate efforts to gather signatures from folks to have Adkins-Grad removed from office.

Atkins-Grad had tried to stop the recall in court but was shot down by a judge. She has since appealed that ruling.

The committee got the 1,875 signed petitions needed to meet its goal (it blew out its goal by 421), making Adkins-Grad's recall official.

Tonight's City Commission vote is open to the public between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.

There will be a closed-door session after that.

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