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Paul David Culbreth, Loxahatchee Sex Offender, Busted on New Year's Trying to Have Sex With Minor

We all have our special ways of ringing in the new year. Some of us huddle up with family and friends, drinking bubbly and toasting new endeavors. Some of us gargle bourbon alone in our studio apartments while listening to Sade. According to police, Paul David Culbreth -- a registered sex offender from Loxahatchee -- was planning to toast 2014 via sex with a minor. Luckily, the encounter the 52-year-old was cooking up was a police sting.

According to a police affidavit filed in federal court this week, Culbreth -- who allegedly creeped around online with social media handles like "Alliycat" and "Tomcat454" -- first encountered an undercover agent posing as a young male online in May. The document gives a pretty detailed -- and graphic, so hide your kids -- peek at how police cast their lines online for offenders, a practice that come under close scrutiny before.

Alliycat made the first move on May 9, when he sent a private message over social media to an undercover cop. "Hey what's up. How are you?"

Cop: Good. U Alliycat: Cool. I am good thanks.

Not exactly earth-shaking stuff, but the police seem to tee these guys up by playing it cool. The affidavit states the officer purposely didn't respond to a later message from Alliycat and also usually bounced back some icy one-word responses to Alliycat's inquiries.

Eventually, the two struck up a regular correspondence, and Allyicat escalated things.

This happens at 9:46 a.m. in June. Alliycat: What's going on today? Cop: Chillin right now. Alliycat: Yeah me too just laying in bed naked watching tv.

This is followed by a couple minutes of silence, so Alliycat ups the ante again. Alliycat: Kinda horny too lol.

According to the stiff-lipped lingo of the affidavit, the "UC questioned whether Alliycat was 'horny' from watching television. Alliycat replied; 'No I am always horny lol.' 'I wake up horny go to bed horny anywhere in between lol."

You probably can see where this is going. Alliycat responds shortly with "You want to see a nice rock hard cock" and then sends off a pic of the same.

The two continued to talk throughout the year. Eventually, Alliycat told the undercover cop he hoped to see him at a New Year's party. When the question of age came up, Culbreth knew the "guy" on the other end was allegedly not of age but 15. The two set up a meeting for December 31. When Culbreth showed up, police arrested him. They found lube and condoms in his car, according to a police release.

This wasn't Culbreth's first run-in with the police. In 2004 he was slapped with a lewd or lascivious molestation of someone 12 to 15, and the charge landed him on the sex offender registry. If convicted of the latest charge of attempting to entice a minor into illegal sexual activity, he could face a minimum ten-year sentence.

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