Paul Ryan Stays Away as Mitt Romney Hits Florida This Week

Mitt Romney is hitting Florida starting tonight for a fundraiser being hosted by his car-dealership-owning friends. It's all part of his swing-state bus tour in which Mitt plans to make stops in St. Augustine and Miami and being interviewed by Spanish-language radio station Radio Mambi. Mitt canceled a planned event in Orlando this afternoon, citing "exhaustion." (ROBO ROMNEY BATTERY ... 8% BATT. LIFE)

However, just a day after Mitt announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, the two parted ways, with Ryan hitting Iowa instead. This might be because of Ryan's proposal to privatize Medicare for people under 55, which would basically screw Florida's elderly community.

Romney adviser Kevin Madden denied that the campaign is keeping Ryan from Florida because of this. Romney didn't respond to questions from the media about whether he'd be discussing Medicare during this Florida stop.

In an interview Sunday night with 60 Minutes, Ryan defended his Medicare plan and did that thing where he and his peeps blame everything on Obama, saying the president diverted money from Medicare to pay for his superscary Obamacare bill.

"My mom is a Medicare senior in Florida," Ryan said. "And we need to preserve their benefits."

Of course, everyone's elderly mother living in Florida is a Medicare senior. But, hey. Semantics!

Ryan is scheduled to hit up a fundraiser in Tampa on August 18. It'll be a dinner held at the Club on Treasure Island, where he's looking to raise a million bucks.

"This has more to do with expanding our bandwidth," Madden told reporters about Ryan not coming to Florida this week with Mitt, which is exactly the kind of quote you'd expect from ROBO ROMNEY's team.

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