PBC Fire-Rescue Team Wins World Competition

​​A group of five Palm Beach firefighter/paramedics took home the first-place team title at the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge world championship in Myrtle Beach yesterday. Their win marks the first time in the history of the sport for a team to win both nationals and worlds in the same year, Palm Beach competitor Jason Martino tells The Juice.

The five local rescuers completed the competition individually, then their scored were combined, resulting in a first place win for our home team. And as we pointed out in our post on Thursday, the five-step competition is grueling -- it involves "wearing full bunker gear", carrying heavy hoses through difficult obstacles, and ends with competitors dragging a 175 lb "victim" over the finish line. No joke.

Jason Martino, Mackenzie Briggs, Aaron Piering, Lee Bronco, and Jacques Aime won Palm Beach Fire-Rescue's first national title at the Firefighter Combat Challenge in Kissimmee on October 23. After conquering nationals, the team directed their energy at the world competition -- and their non-stop strength and endurance workouts paid off.

Today, the team is participating in the team relay event. We'll update as more results and details come in.

Here's an example of the course:

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