I swear I saw it blink.
I swear I saw it blink.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

PBSO Needs Help Identifying Pedestrian Killed in Belle Glade; They Have an Eerie Drawing

​Palm Beach officials are asking for help identifying a man who was killed in Belle Glade on January 8 when he ran in front of a Chrysler sedan just before 8 p.m.

The crash happened at the intersection of First Street and South Main Street; the accident's log entry indicates there were either drugs or alcohol found in the man's system.

We're not sure how this "drawing" was done, but the

high-resolution version has individual eyebrow hairs and forehead wrinkles and makes us really want him to be identified already. If you recognize him, officials ask you to call Heron Ruiz of the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's Office at 561-688-4575. 

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