​Last October, a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were plucked from a Pembroke Park lake after the woman swerved into the lake while reportedly being hit by her husband. When divers went into the lake later to recover the car, they "bumped" into another, according to Local 10.

Pembroke Park Lake Discovered to Be Full of Cars, Potential Evidence of Fraud and Murder

Yesterday, Broward Sheriff's Office divers bumped into another. And another, and another, and -- you get the idea.

In all, at least 25 cars are believed to be in the lake, some even stacked on top of each other in water than can get as deep as...
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... 50 feet in some places.

Most of the cars are believed to be either stolen or ditched for insurance money, but BSO Dive and Rescue Team member Sam Lipinsky told Local 10, "When we solve those missing-persons cases, it makes it all worth it... To know the mystery is over for someone -- now they can put it to bed. They don't have to wonder anymore what happened."

While it doesn't look like any concrete findings have been announced, with 25 carloads of evidence, it looks like some certainly will be.

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