Pembroke Pines Condo President Gambles Away Condo Association's Money

Condo association presidents are fun people. They hate fun, won't let your friends park in spots for more than an hour, won't allow you to put up a Christmas wreath on the door, won't allow you to get a pet, and won't let you have a BBQ.

Also, they gamble away all your association's money.

Well, that's what one condo association president did, anyway.

According to Pembroke Pines Police, Nancy Marquez, el presidente of he French Villas condominium association, allegedly hit up the casinos and lost all the community's money -- over a hundred grand's worth in cash -- while gambling.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the amount was $148,012

Police say Marquez, 58, took some of her own money and hit up the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. But apparently her own money wasn't enough, so she ganked the association's cash and went trolling for the slot machines.

Apparently, the association has felt like something was amiss with Marquez for some time, pointing to certain "discrepancies" as back as 2011. Through receipts, they began to see some things weren't quite right ever since she took over.

Suspicions arose when the association would receive pass due notices for utilities such as water, and FPL, who kept the community's parking lot and hallways lit.

The association contacted police about it, and in probably one of the slowest investigations ever, they finally were able to nab her in the act.

According to police, Marquez transferred money from the association's checking and savings accounts into her own personal checking account.

Marquez was arrested on charges of grand theft and perpetrating a scheme to defraud. She was freed from jail Tuesday on $7,500 bond.

The real crime here, however, is now when you complain to your condo association president about them not letting you get a satellite dish to watch football, they'll come back with, "Hey, at least I'm not robbing your money and gambling it away!"

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