I'm protected by the First Amendment!
I'm protected by the First Amendment!

Pembroke Pines "Cyberbully" Makes News in Big Apple

Remember Katherine Evans, the Pembroke Pines high school senior who got branded a "cyberbully" after she made a Facebook post about how her teacher Ms. Phelps was The Worst? The New York Times caught up with Evans at the University of Florida and published this story.

And why not? It's an interesting example of how students can get themselves into trouble with technology. Maybe this is the beginning of a trend, as schools monitor their students' behavior online.

Or more likely, Evans will win a big legal victory and school districts will see the colossal stupidity of penalizing students for impolitic Facebook posts.

And congratulations to Evans for choosing a career that will give her the opportunity to appreciate the First Amendment on a daily basis: journalism. With your high profile, Katherine, you have a great shot at getting an unpaid internship. You're welcome!


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