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Pembroke Pines Police: We Cover Our Asses

The ass in question.
We just heard from Sgt. Carlos Bermudez, head of internal affairs at the Pembroke Pines Police Department, and Michael Cirullo, the city attorney, about the mooning incident during yesterday's animal rights protest.

They both say unequivocally that the man with his pants down in photos is not a Pembroke Pines police officer. Bermudez says there were no plainclothes officers in the area at the time of the protest.

"We don't know who that individual is," Bermudez says. "He is definitely not one of our guys."

Bermudez says only one of the two men in the squad car is an officer, Officer Jaime Bomba. The other man, identified as Gary Siegel, was there for an approved police ride-along. Bermudez says they did not know the man with his pants down. They said most of the people they spoke with during the protest were from the nearby neighborhood.

He also says the men in the car did not see that the pants had been lowered: "As you can see in the photo, the individual's backside is pointing away from the car," Bermudez says.

Activists report seeing the man park a large, black SUV close to the police cars, and they say he was carrying what looked like a police radio on his hip. He also seemed very friendly with the police officers, according to witnesses.

The department won't be taking any action at the time, Bermudez says, noting that police are not looking into whether the law was violated because nobody has filed a complaint.

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Michael J. Mooney