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This comes from the St. Petersburg Times' Buzz blog regarding the Crist coverage: ----------------------------

A Testy Time in Orlando Charlie Crist, campaigning in Orlando with Gov. Jeb Bush Friday, got decidedly off-message. A reporter for an Orlando TV station wanted Crist to respond to questions about his sexual orientation raised in recent stories in New Times, an alternative paper in South Florida.

"Silly season junk," Crist said. "Next question." The reporter asked whether Crist knew the man referred to in the stories, a former campaign worker for Katherine Harris. "I do not," Crist said.

At that point, Bush stepped to Crist's defense, saying: "Every time there's an election where a candidate gets desperate, somehow it happens to come out, these type of things that are completely unfounded and have no relevance."

When a reporter for WKMG-Channel 6 interrupted another reporter who was asking a question in Spanish, Bush got angry and called the reporter a "horse's

ass." The governor later apologized to that reporter in the media's presence.

Posted by Steve Bousquet at 1:45:14 PM on November 3, 2006 in Charlie Crist

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