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"Person of Interest" in Deaths of Two Young Women Dated Both at the Same Time

Richard Lippner, the Fort Lauderdale socialite who dated both Brianna Negron and Casey DiStefano before they died, was seeing both women at the same time.

Lippner, a regular at several nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, dated Brianna on and off for several years. She moved out of Lippner's Fort Lauderdale condo about seven months before she passed away in January.

Though they were separated, Brianna told friends that she was still seeing Rich once or twice a week. He was also giving her money for rent and living expenses, according to several of Brianna's friends.

Lippner befriended Casey around November. She was a bartender at the Living Room Nightclub who moved to South Florida from New Jersey to start a modeling career.

They dated until Casey's death in May. Both times, Lippner called 911 to report the women had stopped breathing, and both times it was too late.

Casey's friends say Lippner was controlling and possessive, often listening in on her phone calls and staying awkwardly close while she was at work.

But even as he pursued a relationship with Casey, Lippner was professing his love to Brianna on her Facebook memorial page.

On February 4, several weeks into his relationship with Casey, Lippner wrote of Brianna:

"I'm thinking about u alot [sic] today baby...I miss ur smile soooo much..."

A week later he wrote:

"Can't get u off my mind today I am missing ur face so much...Almost everywhere I go reminds me of u, because we did everything together...I miss u calling me at 5am and waking me"

March 17, while in New York with Casey, Lippner posted this to Brianna's page:

"Baby u have been on my mind so much lately... Our annivesary [sic] is comming [sic] up soon and all i can think about is how beautiful u looked on our first... I love u so much baby... I hope u are looking down on us smiling..."

In April, about a month before Casey died, Rich wrote this of Brianna:

"Happy Anniversary baby... missing you so much, I remember how amazing you looked on our first, such happy times... Thinking of you always..."

Fort Lauderdale police have named Lippner "a person of interest" in both deaths.

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Michael J. Mooney