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PETA PR Strategy: Rinse, Repeat

The political point was a bit convoluted, as we discussed yesterday, but this afternoon PETA hotties made good on their promise to take a shower on West Clematis. The animal rights group has used this stunt in a whole bunch of cities as a way to call attention...

Oh, hell with it. The guys have clicked on the picture and are trying to squint through the curtain. So for the ladies still reading, an appeal: I am amazed at your abilities to walk in high heels, slightly less impressed by your efforts to drive in them, and totally opposed to the idea that you can wear your high heels in the shower (as these young women are doing) without breaking your neck. So however confident you may be in those things, please don't try it.

Despite a desire to give this story team coverage, Juice correspondents were busy and didn't make it, so here's your Palm Beach Post report.

After the jump, a video of the same stunt last year in Fresno. A camera crew interviews an old man in a straw hat who ogles, then drives his bike head-on into automobile traffic. Also, a bum who complains that his cardboard sign can't compete with the showering vegetarians for the attention of passersby. Poor bum. When he showers in public he gets arrested.


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