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Photojournalist Miller On Trial In Miami

Carlos Miller, who was arrested in Miami for taking pictures on a public street, had his opening day in trial yesterday. And the prosecutor in the case not only asked the judge to bar him from blogging about the trial, but brought a photo of Miller into evidence, noting that it showed him wearing his hat backward, gangster-style. From Miller's blog:

You know the prosecutor is desperate when he asks the judge to order me to stop blogging about my case.

Judge Jose Fernandez did not even want to hear it, overruling him in seconds.

The prosecutor, Ignacio Vazquez, told the judge that by me proclaiming my innocence on a public forum, I am in danger of jeopardizing the judicial procedure.

When that didn’t work, he tried to introduce the photo below as evidence, which he plucked from my blog, pointing out that I am wearing my cap backwards, as if that proves I am a reckless Photo Gangster.

Here's the photo:

I believe his t-shirt says "Raging Liberal." Arrest that man!

Unbelievable stuff. Carlos is going to prevail in this thing, I can feel it. He's also becoming a Pulp hero.

-- Also today I wanted to highlight some good recent work that has happened despite the turmoil at the Miami Herald. "Taken For A Ride," a series on mismanagement in Miami-Dade Transit by Larry Lebowitz. It's a detailed look at government ineptitude -- with hundreds of millions of tax dollars wasted. As the oil price crisis continues, it couldn't have come at a better time.

-- Also, been meaning to mention that the Pulp was named "Best Blog In South Florida" by Gold Coast Magazine (and other glossy mags owned by the Gulfstream Media Group, which include Boca Life and Palm Beacher). Also, a certain journo involved with said blog who shall go unnamed here was called "Best Columnist." Some of the other honorees on the same page -- including Donald Trump and H. Wayne Huizenga -- were a bit suspect, but it's still an honor.

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