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Pictures of Yesterday's Car Crash Victims Show Beautiful Family

The Florida Highway Patrol released the identities of the four victims killed in a horrific traffic accident yesterday that's roiled the region. Two of the victims were affiliated with the United States Navy.

Dennis Ortiz, 31, of California; Albertson, 31, and Kristina Almase, 26, of the U.S. Navy; and Lily Azarcon, 26, of the Philippines, were killed in a head-on collision on I-95 in south Broward early yesterday morning. Police say Willie Dumel, 25, of North Miami Beach, had driven north on the highway while fleeing Opa-Locka police, and may face charges of vehicular homicide.

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Now, as the families of the victims mourn, photographs of Kristina Almase, brother to Albertson, have surfaced and depict a beautiful and young woman.

Mourners and family members have already begun to voice their sorrow. Almase's best friend, Giane Zosa Ebias, wrote New Times a note describing her lost friend.

"After she was done with a seminar in Florida, she was planning to go back to school again...we graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing in 2011.

Tina was the perfect mom, friend, daughter, and sister. She's the youngest among three siblings. A single mom. She was the only one who stayed in the Philippines because she wanted to take care of her dad, a retired Navy Seal. She has a daughter named Kirsten, whom she loves and cares for so much. Awhile ago her daughter wanted to speak to Tina through Skype, all we could do was just turn around and cry and told Kirsten that mommy was still busy.

Tina was a happy person. She would hide every problem that she had just for others to be happy. She puts her family first. She made responsibilities a habit. She's a true friend. She was a sister to me.

She went to Florida to think things out on what she wanted to do in life. She realized she wanted to go back to school to study dentistry or a different medical course.

It's very difficult for her dad. He lost a daughter and a son on the same day."

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