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"Pill Mill" Doctor Charged With Trafficking Oxycodone

Following an investigation by the Palm Beach state attorney, Delray pain management doctor, Dr. Barry Schultz, 54, was arrested Thursday and charged with trafficking Oxycodone and unlawful prescription of a controlled substance.

Schultz faces a maximum possible sentence of 30 years for each of six trafficking counts and 15 years for each of six counts of unlawful prescription of a controlled substance.

The probable cause affidavit by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office alleges that Schultz overprescribed "not only excessive but reckless" amounts of highly addictive pain management drugs. Pharmacists who alerted authorities of Schultz's alleged penchant for pushing pills, stated that one customer presented a prescription for Oxycodone 30mg for 1590 tablets. The prescription instructed the patient to take one pill every four to six hours as needed. Following these instructions, a patient would need 180 pills at most, about 10 percent of the prescribed amount.

The affidavit also states, "A review of the dispensing logs for Schultz Medical revealed that during the period of March 25, 2010 through May 11, 2010, Schultz Medical dispensed 279 prescriptions of Oxycodone, 89 prescriptions for Alprazolam, 50 prescriptions for Methadone, 19 prescriptions for Hydrocodone, 13 prescriptions for Hydromorphone, and four prescriptions for Morphine. During this same period, Schultz Medical dispensed only 52 prescriptions for other medications."

Schwartz allegedly prescribed 1980 tablets of Oxycodone 30mg to one patient for a 30-day period. Asked to explain this, "His response was that it did not matter because he was filling the prescription in house," according to the affidavit. Dr. Schultz said that he eventually discharged this patient and believed he may have been selling his pain pills.

Schwartz allegedly required his patients to fill their prescriptions at his "in-house" pharmacy. On the occasions he did write prescriptions to be filled elsewhere, he would break the total amount into several prescriptions to avoid drawing attention to the significantly high amounts of pain pills.

Reviews of Schultz on doctor rating site, vitals.com, detail experiences that speak to the circumstances of his arrest. Here are two excerpts from February:

I found him to be very condescending. He told me I seemed "unhappy" -- had never met me before, encouraged me to try addictive painkiller meds rather than have surgery (contrary to the recommendation of a highly credentialed specialist). Did not say goodbye to me when appointment was finished.


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