Pit Bull Saves Family Cat From Coyotes

A Seminole County family's pet cat was attacked and abducted by a pair of coyotes one night. One of the wild dogs had the cat by the throat, while the other had ahold of her tail.

The coyotes were violently shaking the cat when the family's pit bull came rushing to her defense, thundering in at the coyotes and forcing them to drop the cat.

The pit bull was ready for a showdown, but the coyotes scattered away, leaving the cat behind.

Jack the pit bull is a hero.

"I didn't know Jack could run that fast," Sherree Lewis, Jack's owner, told My Fox Tampa Bay. "He was on them so fast."

Jack actually belongs to Sherree's son, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Jack has become very protective of their cat, named Kitty, ever since the attack.

Sherree says Jack often checks on Kitty, making sure she's OK.

After Jack ran off the coyotes, Kitty was taken to a vet to treat her injuries, which were pretty severe.

She suffered a broken tooth and brain swelling and is still unable to walk. But, Sherree says, Kitty is making slow progress.

Coyote attacks are apparently common in the neighborhood, with reports of another cat being attacked and a family's small dog gone missing.

Sherree was able to contact a trapper, who has been setting up traps in the area. Officials, meanwhile, have warned residents to keep their pets indoors during nightfall, when coyotes are most active.

As for Kitty, Sherree says Jack keeps watch over her and the house, constantly staying vigilant in case the coyotes decide to come back.

"Jack is a hero. He saved the kitty's life, and he just shows how good dogs can be. Big dogs can protect you, especially if something like this happens," she said.

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