Pit bulls have been banned the world over
Pit bulls have been banned the world over

Pit Bulls Already Banned in a Dozen Countries

Though a proposed ban on Broward County pit bulls was shelved last night, if the legislation reemerges in some form -- and actually passes -- the prohibition on the dog wouldn't be anything unusual.

In 1989, Miami may have been one of the first communities to ban pit bulls -- but it sure hasn't been the last, raising questions as to whether it's only a matter of time before every municipality imposes some sort of regulation on the animal.

Already, more than a dozen countries have banned pit bulls, making it, quite possibly, the most regulated and feared dog in the canine world.

Composed from various online resources, here's a breakdown of the bans and regulations:

Countries that have enacted regulation on pit bulls (or some deviation):
**In 1991, Singapore prohibited the entry of pit bulls into the country.
**In 1993, the Netherlands banned pit bulls.
**In 1997, Poland enacted legislation enforcing pit bull owners to display "clear warning signs" and keep the animal behind reinforced fencing.
**In 2000, France banned pit bulls. The goal was to let the breed "die out."
**In 2001, Germany banned pit bulls.
**In 2001, Puerto Rico banned pit bulls.
**In 2003, New Zealand banned the importation of pit bulls.
**In 2004, Italy banned pit bulls.
**In 2009, Australia prohibited the imports of pit bulls.
**In 2009, Ecuador banned pit bulls as pets.
**In 2010, Denmark banned pit bulls and pit bull breeding.
**In 2014, Venezuela will ban pit bulls.

Nationwide, a ban on pit bulls is also far from exceptional.

Cities that have laid down some sort of legislation:

Sioux City, Iowa; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Independence, Missouri; Royal City, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Springfield, Missouri; Youngstown, Ohio; Melvindale, Michigan; and, Livingston County, Michigan.

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