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Pizza Guy Refuses to Give Up Pies to Would-Be Robber, Despite Getting Stun-Gunned

A robber tried to take some pizza from a Papa John's delivery guy in Daytona Beach on Monday. But the pizza guy refused to give up the pies, even while being shocked by a stun gun.

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Movie of the week.

Christopher Dondre Collins, 19, apparently ordered two pies from his local Papa John's for $26.09 and had them delivered to 525 N. Halifax Ave., Unit 4, according to the arrest report.

But when the pizza guy got to the unit, all the lights were off, and it appeared as if nobody was home.

The pizza guy called Collins' number and was told he was given the wrong address. Collins met up with him, and the two made small talk.

That's when Collins went to an apartment to get "cash" to pay for the pizza. He asked the deliveryman to see the receipt, and when he brought it up, Collins shoved a stun gun into his belly, police say.

Collins tried to wrestle the pies away, but the deliveryman wasn't playing that and refused to give up the pies.

Noticing that the pizza delivery guy was freakishly strong and able to withstand a stun gun, Collins took off.

Later on, police walked toward Collins' apartment and, according to the report, overheard him saying, "I tried to get the pizza, but he wouldn't give it up."

Cops entered the apartment and found Collins and his two brothers. The Super Delivery Man ID'd Collins, and police found his stun gun and the phone he used to order the pizza.

In hindsight, Collins should have just joined Papa's Rewards. He'd have a better chance at winning a free pizza in that Peyton Manning giveaway promotion than trying to rob the strongest pizza delivery guy who ever lived.

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