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Plant an ACORN, Grow a Political Nightmare. Edited: FIU Student in Hoax

Oh Woe is ACORN. The U.S. Senate has just voted today, 83-7, to cut housing funds to an organization which has long been the darling of the far Left -- and which is now so utterly disgraced it has nowhere to go but down. The vote would make ACORN ineligible for Housing and Urban Development funds, effectively squeezing the lifeblood out of a group dedicated to finding affordable housing for urban, working class stiffs..

ACORN had almost weathered the voter registration fraud scandal from last year's presidential election. Last week prosecutors in Florida issued warrants against 11 part-time workers hired to register voters in Homestead, arresting at least six on tips from ACORN itself. The workers had forged 888 registrations using fake names and addresses.

But ACORN was dealt a death blow not by voter fraud but by a sting operation mounted by two twentysomething journalists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, [EDITED: Giles is a 20-year-old FIU student whose father is a pastor in Aventura. See this story] In the video below, O'Keefe and Giles pretend to be a prostitute and her john running a housefull of illegal underage hookers. ACORN workers advise them how to hide their money (bury it in a backyard tin) and how to make up a creative name for their business. Naturally, Fort Lauderdale's wacko conspiracy theorists are all over the story.

The ACORN workers in the video are depicted are dumb as a box of rocks -- you almost have to feel sorry for them. ACORN has fired the workers, but now the organization is pushing for the state of Maryland to charge O'Keefe and Giles with a felony for filming the workers without their knowledge.

Left wing bloggers may bellyache about how O'Keefe ought to be targeting rich right-wing organizations for these stings instead of an underfunded groups with untrained workers, but the fact is, ACORN clearly doesn't have its shit together. Both the voter registration scandal and the Baltimore and DC video stings are the result of piss-poor management. These ACORN workers are so clueless the blame game ought to go right to the top. 

Judge for yourself.


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