The oil has arrived.
The oil has arrived.
U.S. Coast Guard

Planting Peace Helps Fight Oil Spill on Florida Coast

Oil from the disastrous BP spill in April has reached the west coast of Florida. It's already washing ashore and showing up on animals.

The South Florida-based nonprofit Planting Peace is doing something about it. Aaron Jackson, the charity's founder, says they've already purchased oil booms, absorbent socks, hay, and loads of safety equipment for volunteers. Today they bought dozens of hazardous waste drums to store the oil they collect.

The oil is hitting beaches not far from where Jackson grew up. He says he canceled a trip he had planned to South America so he could help clean up the oil.

He says he'll have volunteers on the beaches and in the bays. "The local government response plan seems pretty good," Jackson says. "However, I have worked many disasters, and I know nothing goes as planned. We will try to provide backup for the local government, but in the end, we will do what we have to do to protect Mother Earth."

He says the charity is also buying boats to assist in the cleanup.


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