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Police Called to Drew Rosenhaus' Home Over Domestic Incident Sunday Night

Super sports agent and South Florida resident Drew Rosenhaus was apparently involved in a domestic incident with his wife Sunday evening.

According to a report by TMZ, police were called to Rosenhaus' Miami home where his wife, Lisa Thomson, says she was verbally attacked by Drew and his brother Jason.

Among other things, Jason allegedly called Lisa a whore. She called police and expressed a fear over a gun that was in the home.

According to the report, Thomson told police she came him Sunday to find Drew and Jason watching NFL playoff games when they two began lobbing their verbal attacks on her, calling her a whore and an alcoholic. Rosenhaus then reportedly grabbed some trash bags and handed them to her, demanding that she fill them with her stuff and leave the house.

Some reports say the two are going through a divorce. Drew and Lisa have been married since 2013.

TMZ says Thomson called the cops shortly after, claiming she felt unsafe. When police arrived at the home, they were able to calm things down. Thomson also made it clear that at no time did Drew or his brother threaten her with the gun or even brandish it. But she did felt unsafe with it in the house.

No one was arrested in the incident.

Rosenhaus has earned fame as an outspoken sports agent with much hubris and public exposure. He has represented sports stars like Terrell Owens and Willis McGahee over the years and is known for his aggressive style of going after big-time athletes to be his clients.

Some of his fellow agents have often claimed that Rosenhaus has been known to violate the NFL Player's Association rules by going after their clients to try to convince them to sign with him instead.

Rosenhaus represents Rob Gronkowski, the star tight end for the New England Patriots, who just earned their way to the Super Bowl.

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