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Police Chief Coughs Up Bogus Excuse for Racist Emails

Currently suspended Wilton Manors Police Chief Richard Perez has come out with an explanation for the racist emails he sent out from his city email account. 

Perez told NBC-6 that he collected the emails to use for sensitivity training during classes he taught at Broward College for police recruits.

Of course, that doesn't explain why he would send out the same trash to friends and command staff. Oh, and the dean of the school's Institute of Public Safety, Linda Wood, said that she wasn't aware of such material being used in training and that the school never authorized it.

This one is easy to call B.S. on. This guy is a disgrace to Wilton Manors and Broward County and needs to hit the bricks. It's time to start calling out the politicians in that town for keeping Perez on. I wonder: Did anyone at the city know he was going to come out with his idiotic story to try to clear his name?

After the break, Broward judges are offered Spanish lessons, more on the Rick Scott fundraiser, quote of the week, and more.

-- Broward County judges are being offered free Spanish classes by the Broward County School Board that will start in the courthouse in mid-October. An email informing the judges of the classes was sent out on Tuesday by Administrative County Judge Sharon Zeller, who wrote:  

"Sheridan Technical School is providing the instructor and books! (A $70/value!) We will have basic, courtroom language, family, criminal, civil, and a wrap-up session! PLEASE RSVP THAT YOU ARE MAKING A COMMITMENT - AS SHERIDAN TECHNICAL IS SPENDING TIME & EFFORT! ... Nos vemos pronto! (See you soon!)."

Bottom line: Probably a pretty good idea, considering the county's changing demographics. But, especially in this dismal economic climate, they should have just had them attend regular classes instead of getting a special housecall at the courthouse on the public dime. 

-- More information on the bigwig fundraiser for Rick Scott's gubernatorial bid being held by multimillionaire businessman and Scott Rothstein Ponzi victim Doug Von Allmen. Turns out he's cochairing the event with his attorney in the Rothstein civil case, Bill Scherer. A few other names, some of them familiar, have been added as well (and the $10,000 VIP event apparently dropped):

Event Chairmen

Doug Von Allmen • William R. Scherer


Ken Jackson • Fredrick Perry • Tripp Scott

Host Committee

Rita & Rick Case • Adrienne & Brendan Barry

Emily & Robert Bennett • Sherry & Jon Hage

invite you to attend a reception honoring

Rick Scott

Florida's Next Governor

Thursday, October 7, 2010




5:30 pm VIP Reception (Chairmen, Co-Chairmen and Host Committee)

6:00 pm Cocktail Reception

$500 per person

Please RSVP to Alexandria or Rose at 954-462-5500.

I keep thinking of Scott as some kind of radical third-party guy, especially considering that whole huge Medicare fraud thing, but he's actually the GOP nominee. As if your average Republican didn't have enough to worry about, now you're in a position where you're supposed to back this guy for governor. It's really weird.

-- Assclown quote of the week comes from state Rep. Evan Jenne's opponent in the November election:

"You will never force me to participate in government-run health care," Edward Bender, who can't afford health insurance, told the Sun-Sentinel. "That will never happen. I am a free man."

Dude's been drinking way too much tea.

-- It was funny watching the TV news stations trying to make the big and boring rainstorm exciting as the lead story last night. Highlights, not surprisingly, came from Channel 7. One reporter shared from his I-Phone that he took while simply driving through the rain, and another literally reported from his knees from a puddle in a parking lot to make it seem more dramatic.

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