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Police: Dalia Dippolito Offered to Hire a Cop to Investigate Her Husband

Dalia Dippolito, South Florida's most infamous escort, has already been accused of hiring an undercover Boynton Beach police officer to kill her husband.

But a newly released police report alleges that she also offered to pay a Palm Beach Gardens cop to investigate Michael Dippolito.

In March 2009, Officer R.L. Wilson got a call  from his friend Mike, who was a manager at a deli near the police station. Mike said his friend Dee "needed help with a domestic violence issue," Wilson wrote in his report.

Mike explained that Dee's husband "had a violent temper, was on probation for financial crimes, and that he dealt in illegal narcotics."

These were interesting allegations. Last March, police in Manalapan and West Palm Beach were receiving anonymous tips about drugs in Michael Dippolito's car. Dalia, meanwhile, was telling an ex-lover that she was planting those drugs.

Around the same time, the Boynton Beach police received a call from a neighbor who lived near the Dippolitos, complaining that a "dealer" and his girlfriend were having a domestic dispute.

Officer Wilson agreed to speak to "Dee," and when she called, she identified her husband as Michael Dippolito. She explained that Dippolito "would be transporting illegal narcotics to the Palm Beach Gardens area and that she would be willing to call me when he arrived in the city," Wilson wrote.

Dee mentioned that she'd tried a similar sting operation recently with the West Palm police, but they weren't able to find any drugs on Dippolito. Now, Dee said, "she was desperate, and in fear for her life," Wilson wrote.  "She would be willing to pay me for assistance."

Wilson told her he would help, but he wouldn't take her money.

A couple days later, Dee and Mike called again, wanting to set up a meeting with Wilson. Once again, Dee offered to pay for his services. Wilson told her that if she offered him money again, he would stop speaking to her.

Finally, Wilson met Dee and Mike at the deli where Mike worked. "Dee appeared desperate and once again stated she needed help and that she was willing to pay me," Wilson wrote.

This was the last straw for the officer. "I advised her I could no longer help her and that she needed to contact her local police department for assistance," he wrote in his report.

In early August, Dalia Dippolito was caught on tape talking to an undercover Boynton Beach cop about her plot to kill her husband. She was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit murder. She pleaded not guilty, and is now on house arrest.

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