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Police Report Explains Confusion Over "Gunman" at Aventura Mall Movie Theater

Hundreds of people stampeded out of Aventura Mall last Saturday night when reports of a gunman spread exponentially from theater 20 to the rest of the mall and eventually the dark depths of the conspiracy-theorizing internet. Eighty-seven minutes after the panicked exodus, Aventura Mall tweeted: "Confusion during movie at Aventura Mall tonight. Police say no gun, no shooting."

Most people were relieved the chaotic confusion was not as sinister as they first thought, but others remained skeptical. After all, the mall security officers and movie theater operators were suspiciously tight-lipped, multiple witnesses claim to have seen someone with a gun (some even claim they heard shots), and then there was that damning photo of the shattered glass door.

But we got the police report -- and it turns out there was no gun, there was no shooting, and everything else has a perfectly reasonable explanation -- everything except why someone shouted "Gun!" in a crowded movie theater in the first place.

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