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Police Say They Found Rene Robinson Passed Out Behind the Wheel in Plantation; She Claimed She Was Drunk in L.A.

When the cops found 22-year-old Rene Robinson passed out behind the wheel of her car in Plantation around 6:45 p.m. on November 23, she told police it was around 3 o'clock, she was drunk, and she was in Los Angeles.

The cops say she was right about one of those things.

This all started when someone phoned the cops about a traffic crash in a parking lot at 7139 W. Broward Blvd.

According to a police report first obtained by the Sun-Sentinel (its version is a bit watered down), the cops say they found Robinson passed out behind the wheel.

Witnesses told the cops that they saw Robinson lying in some grass in the parking lot before a friend helped her up and got her into the passenger seat.

Then Robinson slid over into the driver's seat, and her friend got into the passenger seat, according to the cops.

Robinson -- whom the Sentinel claims to be the daughter of Broward judges Mary and Michael Robinson -- then backed into a pickup truck and started driving the wrong way down an aisle in the parking lot before running over a parking divider and coming to a stop, police say.

She passed out at that point, until police arrived and found her asleep and "drooling heavily" behind the wheel.

The cops woke her up and asked her if she had any medical conditions, like diabetes or seizures. According to the report, she replied, "No, I'm drunk."

An officer tried to take her out of the car and had to catch her as she fell. She was unable to stand on her own after multiple attempts, and the odor of alcohol on her breath "grew stronger as she spoke," according to the cops.

Police asked her if she knew where she was. "Yes, I'm in Los Angeles," she replied.

Robinson was then asked if she knew what time it was, to which she answered, "Yes, it's after 3 o'clock. Close enough.

Then she was asked if she happened to know what street she was on, and answered, "Yes, I'm past 3 o'clock."

That signaled the time for arrest, at which point Robinson was put in the back of the cop car -- where she passed out again.

At that point, the cops had to take her to the hospital, and the medical staff assessing her still had a hard time waking her up.

Robinson was charged with her first offense of DUI and two counts of DUI property damage and was also cited for improper backing.

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