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Police Suspect Foul Play in Ahizya Osceola's Death, According to Report

Nelson Osceola, the father of Ahizya Osceola, the three-year-old boy found dead in his Hollywood home last week, is set to go before a Broward judge Monday after he requested an attorney over the weekend. Osceola had been in court Saturday to learn if he would retain custody of Ahizya's three siblings, but the judge postponed that hearing after Osceola requested an attorney. According to multiple reports, Hollywood Police are treating Ahizya's death as a possible criminal investigation.

Over the weekend, reports began to surface that Ahizya's parents — who are separated — had been investigated for abuse and or neglect at least four times during the boy's lifetime. 

According to WSVN, the Department of Children and Families in Florida investigated Nelson, and Ahizya's mother, Karen Cypress, at least once every year during Ahizya's three years of being alive. The most recent time the parents were investigated was last month. According to the Sun-Sentinel, there were no signs of bodily harmed found during any of the investigations. 

The report also says that both parents have records.

Most recently, Osceola plead no contest to a battery charge in July. He was placed on six-months probation. Cypress, meanwhile, is currently facing a neglect of child without harm charge. Last year, Ahizya was taken from Cypress after she was allegedly found under the influence in a hotel room. At the time, Ahizya was found wandering the hotel lobby by himself. The boy was then placed in his father's custody, But, authorities soon found themselves investigating Osceola over allegations that Ahizya had been abused in his father's home.

Ahizya's disappearance made headlines last week after his mother had reported him missing Thursday morning. A massive search for the boy was launched, with Hollywood Police dispatching K9 units and a chopper to sweep the area around the boy's home.

On Friday morning, the search was called off after the boy's body was discovered in his home. In a Friday morning press conference Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez said Ahizya was found in "an obscure area" of the home, and gave no further details.

But WSVN reports that Ahizya was found buried under a pile of clothes. "The child did not place himself in that position," the news station quotes Fernandez. 

Police are not saying if Ahizya's body had shown any signs of physical abuse or trauma. 

For now, Ahizya's other two siblings have been placed with a member of the family. 

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