Police Women of Broward County Arrest Former Political Pimp

Vicente Thrower was once a rising star in local politics.

But unfortunately the 31-year-old political activist was a 

​Thrower was arrested in a sting that was part of the production of the TLC show Police Women of Broward County, which is done in conjunction with BSO. The idea of the show is simple: Get video of female deputies -- preferably hot ones -- taking down criminals. 

Seems the idea for this particular show was to dress up the girls as prostitutes and put them out on the street to pose as hookers to nab their customers. It's a dubious law enforcement exercise, but it makes great TV, especially when the undercover deputy looks like Erica Huerta, a deputy who was once overweight before losing 70 pounds and becoming a fitness model. 

Seems Huerta and other Broward deputies starring on the show hit the streets to attract -- and arrest -- guys who craved their services. Vicente Thrower -- who was featured by the Sun-Sentinel in 2009 as a "full-fledged community leader" -- was apparently one of those guys. 

And he had what must have seemed like an ingenius idea at the time. Why not engage two of the women to meet him in a motel and have

an oral sex "competition"? Sure said the TV cops, who likely drew out the drama in the nearby Relax Inn before throwing Thrower into the paddy wagon.

​It wasn't the first arrest for Thrower. Again, at one time he was considered a rising political star. He showed up for all the community meetings in Pompano and was appointed to several boards. Thrower was a young soldier in the Joe Eggelletion political mob, so it's not that surprising that he got popped last year for accepting some $50,000 in unlawful compensation from entities looking for him to use his influence on the CRA board. 

Half of that money came from none other than the Habitat for Humanity in exchange for his help in getting the CRA to purchase land owned by the charity. Which begs the question: What the hell is Habitat for Humanity doing paying bribes

Anyway, Thrower is still facing trial on the corruption charges. Now Assistant State Attorney Dave Schulson is asking to revoke Thrower's bond based on the most recent arrest, according to the Sun-Sentinel

More coming. 

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