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Political Trolling: Broward Top Democrat Reaches Out to Republican Counterpart on Gay Marriage, Gets Shot Down

This is a bit of a guess, but we think it's safe to say Broward Republican Chair Tom Truex didn't change his Facebook photo this week to one of those now-ubiquitous red equal signs.

Truex -- a former Davie mayor who recently took the reins from Rick Petrocelli, private investigator -- received a letter recently from his Democratic Party counterpart. Without wasting many words, Mitch Ceasar asked Truex to take a timely stance on marriage equality. Bam, gauntlet thrown.

"In the spirit of bi-partisanship, I ask you to join with me in supporting same sex marriage," Ceasar wrote in his letter, dated March 27.

The entire letter, pictured below, tapped into the Zeitgeist that's been causing many serious-minded citizens to perform bold acts of moral conscious with pixel space on social media. The U.S. Supreme Court held arguments this week on same-sex marriage, meaning a hefty societal Waterloo is in the offing. Big questions are about to be settled. Here in Florida, new polling suggests the majority of the population is in favor of equalizing matrimonial rights.

Sensing the moment, Ceasar asked Truex to join the right side of history. "Tom, you are a loving and decent person. Please join me in this civil/human rights cause," the letter concluded. "RNC Chairman Reince Preibus stated that Republicans need to be more inclusive. I agree with your national Chairman."

That, or Ceasar just saw the opportunity for some good partisan trolling. Which is exactly what the letter accomplished. To his credit, Truex reportedly saw it coming.

BrowardBeat says the Republican Party honcho used the opportunity to dig in on the Republican gay-marriage position. "You call it a letter," Truex told BrowardBeat. "I call it a press release. If Mr. Ceasar wants to discuss this, he should call me."

With all that said, we'd like to acknowledge that no opportunity for trolling should go to waste. So props to Ceasar for seeing the opening.

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