Polo Mogul John Goodman Back in Jail After Allegedly Messing With Ankle Monitor

This very rich purveyor of the world's wealthiest game just doesn't seem to want to accept his situation. When his car slammed into another, killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson late one night in February 2010, he ran away and hid in a barn before calling authorities.

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In May, Goodman -- who owns the International Polo Club and adopted his 42 year old girlfriend apparently to preserve his wealth - was convicted of DUI manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in prison. He was released on a $7 million bond and allowed to hang out at home, because that's what you can do if you have $7 million lying around.

Late last night, he was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail after authorities found that his ankle-monitoring device had been tampered with, says the Sun-Sentinel:

By email early Thursday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said deputies from the In-House Arrest Program had been alerted that Goodman's ankle monitoring device had been tampered with. They went to Goodman's Wellington home, where he has been under house arrest pending an appeal of his case, and Goodman was there, PBSO said.

Goodman is not facing additional charges at this point.

Ryan LeVin, another super-rich dude who ran his car into innocents and killed them, has a similar arrangement, wearing an ankle monitor at his parents' Fort Lauderdale oceanfront condo.

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