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Polo Mogul John Goodman to Stay in Jail Through Thanksgiving

Well, at long last it looks like John Goodman's douche caught up to him, and he is finally going to spend some time in the slammer.

The International Polo Club owner, who has been under house arrest on a DUI manslaughter charge for killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson back in February 2010 with his car, was caught screwing with his ankle-monitor this week.

Because being in a jail cell, where he actually belongs, is one thing -- but this pesky thing on his ankle while he gets to walk around his giant estate even though he was found guilty of killing another human being, well, that's just meddlesome and vexing.

So on Friday, a judge ruled that Goodman must go straight to jail while he awaits his appeal on his DUI manslaughter conviction.

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Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath, destroyer of douche and privilege, temporarily revoked Goodman's bond based on the evidence presented to him by prosecutors was sufficient to do so.

Goodman's defense's team request to postpone the rest of the hearing until Thanksgiving, and the judge agreed. Goodman will remain at the Palm Beach County Jail until then. The defense was hoping to have the bond revoked today, meaning Goodman would have been in jail until the end of this month.

But, no dice.

Cops say that just after 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Goodman went to his second-floor bathroom to take a shower. The deputies waiting outside the bathroom door immediately got a call from headquarters telling them the ankle-monitor had been tampered with.

When the cops confronted him, Goodman said he heard a "clicking noise" on his monitor. Somehow the water from the shower destroyed the monitor.

But upon further inspection, the deputies found that he had smashed it with the side of a handheld mirror.

And so now, Goodman is no longer allowed to frolic around his 160-acre complex in the International Polo Club, but spend time in the clink like the proper criminal he is. At lest until Thanksgiving.

Goodman was convicted by a jury in March of DUI manslaughter with failure to render aid.

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