Pompano Beach Teen Tried to Rape Girl in High School Bathroom, Police Allege

It's terrifying when your kids can't walk down the halls of school without ducking a possible sexual assault. Over at Blanche Ely High, one underaged girl was allegedly assaulted in a hallway bathroom by a fellow student Tuesday. Now the 18-year-old boy is in custody. The whole thing went down in third period.

The alleged victim isn't named in any of the media reports due to her age. Police have identified the possible assailant as Toby Duncan of Pompano Beach.

According to law enforcement, the girl was just walking down the hallway around 10 a.m. minding her own business when Duncan approached. He tried to direct the girl into a nearby men's room. When she resisted, he picked her up in what's being called a "bear hug" and hauled her inside.

And this is where things get scary. Duncan allegedly threw the girl into a stall and tried to pull her pants off. When she tried to split from the scene, the teen grabbed her arms. He then exposed himself.

A security guard then entered the bathroom. Duncan fled.

The next day, he was arrested and charged with sexual battery, lewd molestation, lewd battery, and false imprisonment. Duncan made his first court appearance on Thursday, when a judge ordered him held without bail.

Some news reports have stated Duncan had been violent with other students in the past, but his name doesn't pull up any past criminal charges. Then again, he's young, and a juvenile record wouldn't show up. The Sun Sentinel spoke with Blanche Ely students who described Duncan as "active in school sports."

Here at CBSMiami, you can catch the teen speaking to news reporters back in January about the deaths of two Blanche Ely students in a car accident. "It's touching to see how he made us smile. Bad day or good day. That's the type of kid he was. He always made you smile," Duncan said about one of the deceased.

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