Pompano High School Pumps Out A Lot of Parade All-Americans

Guess which Florida high school has produced the most Parade All-American football players.

Miami Northwestern? Nope.

St. Thomas Aquinas? Wrong.

It's actually Blanche Ely in Pompano Beach.

Yes, Blanche Ely has had a bad week, what with the allegations of holy water assault. But Parade magazine just came out with a list of the top ten high school football programs in the country, as ranked by the number of Parade All-Americans the schools have produced over the past 47 years.

Blanche Ely comes in

eighth on the list, with seven players honored over the years.

They are:

  • Harvey Thomas '87
  • DouDow Innocent '90
  • Tyrant Marion '90
  • Henri Crockett '91
  • Tyrone Moss '03
  • Andrew Bain '03
  • Patrick Johnson '08

The only other Florida school to come in the top ten was Lincoln High in Tallahassee (it was tenth).

Interestingly, looking over the lists, the vast majority of high schoolers named to this list do not grow up to be Joe Montanta or Peyton Manning. Henri Crockett, Blanche Ely class of 1991, for example, went on to play for the Falcons, Vikings, and Broncos but was never a standout. There are a few who went on to professional careers, but the stars are few and far between.

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