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Pompano Teachers Cleared of Religious Harassment Now Accused of Racist Remarks to Students

It looks like the holy water sprinkling was the least of the legal problems of two Blanche Ely High School teachers. Leslie Rainier and Djuna Robinson are accused of ordering Haitian students to stand by the trash can to signify the inferiority of Haitian people.

The complaint, which was made to Broward Sheriff's Office and is part of a pending investigation, is quoted in this article in today's South Florida Times. Rainier and Robinson were talking to students about the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January. Here's an excerpt that quotes from the complaint to a BSO school resource deputy:
"Allegation Narrative stated that students of Haitian decent [sic] asked two teachers why the country of Haiti was going threw [sic] so much more than others, and teachers told the students that it was because Haiti made a pact with the devil.

 Further allegation states that on another occasion Haitian students have been instructed to stand by classroom trash cans because they have been told that they are trash," the April 22 complaint reads.
That "pact with the devil" is an old legend that was repeated in the weeks following the earthquake by that paragon of cultural sensitivity, evangelist Pat Robertson.

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Thomas Francis