Postie Gilken Goes Gladiator -- UPDATED

gilken.bmpThink you can beat her?

Tonight at 8 p.m. we get to see Palm Beach Post crime reporter Rochelle Gilken take on American Gladiator (UPDATE: Just learned the show has been postponed to next Monday, June 9, due to hocky playoffs). She spent five weeks in LA doing the show, which sounds extremely intense. The 4-11, 112 pound Gilken is the real deal as a Golden Gloves boxer and black belt in karate. She's gotten some ink in her hometown of Philly. From Philadelphia Daily News' Bernard Fernandez:

However unintimidating her appearance, though, know this: Those who underestimate Rochelle E.B. Gilken (her byline as a crime reporter for the Palm Beach Post) do so at their own risk.

So, what's the E.B. stand for?

"Evil Bitch," the Northeast High and Temple University graduate says in a voice that suggests sunshine and lollipops rather than steel and barbed wire. She's kidding, of course. Or maybe not.

I knew she was a good reporter. Now I have a better idea why.


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